By joseph, 28 April, 2022

Hi all, after a few weeks of testing and tweaking, Josephworks Chat is has reached General Availability. Josephworks Chat is a secure, cross platform chat application with both mobile and web support and it is also an unblocked website so it works on networks that have censorship. Feel free to make an account and join us in the general room. Can’t wait to se you there!

By joseph, 6 February, 2022

My reason is that Ubuntu is relatively low maintenance and the packages in the ecosystem usually just work. On some other OSs, not everything works as smooth, so you have to compile stuff from source sometimes and tweak programs. You don't need to do any of that with Ubuntu and you can still run Kernel Virtual Machines (KVMs) of other Linux Distros.

I also use Ubuntu Server (20.04 LTS) on Azure quite often, it is able to provide security and stability while using relatively modern packages.

By joseph, 7 December, 2021

Hi there! I will be writing about TSMC.

I like TSMC, and I think that you should too. TSMC is building a factory near my home that will produce semiconductors. This may solve the semiconductor shortage and you'll be able to buy that sweet GeForce RTX card for a reasonable price!

This factory is currently "the biggest thing happening in America" (no source).