Why I use Ubuntu

By joseph, 6 February, 2022

My reason is that Ubuntu is relatively low maintenance and the packages in the ecosystem usually just work. On some other OSs, not everything works as smooth, so you have to compile stuff from source sometimes and tweak programs. You don't need to do any of that with Ubuntu and you can still run Kernel Virtual Machines (KVMs) of other Linux Distros.

I also use Ubuntu Server (20.04 LTS) on Azure quite often, it is able to provide security and stability while using relatively modern packages.

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4 months 2 weeks ago

Personally I run Debian on my servers due to rarely needing to restart or update anything. tho as of now i've been trying out ubuntu on it and its nice having all the latest and greatest!

In my experience, it is recommended to restart Ubuntu after a security or kernel update but I believe the same goes for debian. In that case, the only reason in which you would have to restart debian less is if you aren't applying security or kernel updates and restarting.

I have a test server that has 110 days of uptime, but it also has security and kernel updates installed that (may not be) fully applied, since I haven't restarted.

Personally, I see Debian as a stepping-stone for Ubuntu, so I only use it to experience the bleading edge of Debian/Ubuntu. I wouldn't use Debian for anything too important as it requires more maintenance than Ubuntu.

Obviously, I have respect for debian users and I was one myself a few years ago because I enjoyed the higher level of maintenance required.